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I will provide information on this page to answer the most often asked questions about the use of tiles in modern construction and design. For example:

Q What colour grout should I have?
A Most clients choose to use a grout that blends with the colour of the tile. However, if you like your tiles to stand out we would choose a grout colour that is darker than your tile.

Q What kind of tile can I use on my walls?
A The simple guideline is that you can put a floor tile on both your floor and your wall, but a wall tile can only be installed on a wall.

Q What size spacer should I have between my tiles?
A Generally, a 3.5mm spacer is used with floor tiles and a 1.5mm spacer is used on walls. However, a floor tile with a square edge looks very classy when a 1.5mm wall spacer is used. It is important to remember that if you are using the same tile on the floor and wall you need to use the same spacer so that the grout lines are continuous.

Q Should I install underfloor heating?
A This is your personal choice. Installing a heat mat does add to both the initial expense of a job, and the longterm living expenses. However, it also adds value to your home, is lovely and cosy underfoot and helps to keep moisture levels down, especially when used in a bathroom. I use both the LIVELLA, and the DEVI range. An electrician is required to connect your mat to the sensor.

Q I want TileStyle to do our tiling. What do I need to buy?
A Just the tiles. I take care of everything else. TileStyle uses only good quality highly recommended products that suppliers and manufactures stand behind.

Q What locations do you service?
A I am based in Hastings, and work throughout Hawkes Bay. A reasonable travel charge applies for areas outside of Napier, Hastings and Havelock North.



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